Welcome to the Blog @ TheIMF.com!

Thanks for visiting The IMF’s new blog.  We know that it isn’t always easy to travel to a meeting, take on a benchmark study, or even get away for a web forum.  Although we’ll always encourage you to participate in all that the IMF has to offer, we wanted to provide a more passive way for members to get access to IMF content.  We encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed, add this blog to your favorite reader, or make yourself a note to check back at least once a week.

Within this blog, we’ll provide regular “snapshots” of the news from around the IMF.  We’ll summarize interesting member discussions held at meetings or via IMF Connect.  We’ll give a quick view of a recently completed benchmarking project or a few interesting metrics from our database.  In any case, this will be a simple way for you to keep up on the trends and conversations of IMF and the many member organizations that make up the strong IMF network.