Google Can’t Touch This?

Some stories are almost too good to pass up when you read the headline and this was one of those stories.  MC Hammer is going to try and topple search engine giants like Google and Microsoft (Bing). Yes, you read that right. The man behind “Hammer Time” is rolling out his own search engine that goes by the name of WireDoo. Here’s a little bit about the quest from a CNN article:

At the conference (Web 2.0 Summit), he said what will make his search tool better than Google will be its “deep search” ability.” It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords,” he said, according to Mashable, a content partner.

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur (after some late-90s difficulties) said a search would render not just direct results, but also information on possibly related topics. Its tagline is: “Search once and see what’s related…”

Time will tell if Hammer’s new search tool can really shake up the market but I think it’s safe you say he’s got quite an uphill battle to fight. What are your thoughts on WireDoo and its potential? Will it flourish or flop?