Tops-Down Corporate Social Media

Social media has emerged as a dominant force in people’s lives over the past several years. Individuals are using the platform to connect with others and share information on a daily basis. Whether you’re a Facebook Friend or Twitter Follower, you are part of this revolution. However, as quickly as social media has grown on the personal side, it is still relatively new in the corporate sector. Many organizations have begun focusing attention on the bleeding over of social tools into their enterprises. They are looking to use internal social networking as a way to promote their brands and connect with their customers. Some organizations have even piloted internal social tools in an effort to promote enterprise-wide collaboration. Social media is driving business transparency and engagement, creating both new challenges and opportunities. ¬†As with any other initiative you try to push through the company, it is important to gain support from the executive leadership. In the case of social media, Senior Executives like CEOs, CIOs, etc. shouldn’t be afraid to set the example for their employees. They need to be leading the social media charge and pushing this movement tops-down. A new study even found that social media-active CEOs are more trustworthy. These quotes from Information Week’s article on “Why CIOs Must Be More Social” are pretty telling:

“If CIOs are charged with building a social business, shouldn’t they have a social presence?” Fidelman asked, suggesting that “CIOs who don’t get social might not be CIOs next year.” Yet even in conservative industries like finance, there are CIOs like Royal Bank of Scotland’s Ian Alderton (#4 on the list) who are social standouts, Fidelman said.” -Mark Fidelman, Chief Social Strategist at

Fidelman recently compiled a list of the Top 25 Most Social CIOs. Here is the Top 10:

1. SAP, Oliver Bussmann

2. Google, Benjamin Fried

3. Pemex, Abraham Galan

4. Royal Bank of Scotland, Ian Alderton

5. Microsoft, Anthony Scott

6. Supervalu, Wayne Shurts

7. Kimberly-Clark, Ramon Baez

8. Jacobs Engineering Group, Cora Carmody

9. Tesco, Mike McNamara

10. Omnicom Group, Kenneth Corriveau

For our members who are interested in corporate social media, we encourage you to check out a couple of upcoming IMF events:

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