Blog Update!

I recently updated The IMF Blog by adding a few new tabs in the blue banner at the top. These tabs are:

    • IT Services: Describes what kind of IT services the IMF offers and how they benefit you and your organization. It lists several upcoming events and recent reports that have been published.
    • IT Benchmark Consulting: Did you know The IMF has a benchmark consulting practice? This tab tells you a little bit about that part of our business, including what towers we measure and our proven approach.
    • IMF Memberships: We make mention of our members a lot on the blog so this tab gives you a brief overview of the kind of companies that comprise our member base. Plus, you can find out about the two different types of memberships The IMF offers to IT organizations.

Take a minute to explore these tabs and discover how The IMF can improve your IT organization’s operations and efficiency. If you would like more information about an IMF membership, please visit the How to Join page on our website.