Do You Lead Effective and Efficient Meetings?

An IMF member is looking to implement an “Efficient Meetings” initiative in IT. They are looking to change the culture associated with meetings. Similar initiatives have failed in the past. Each area of IT has a different meeting approach. The member would like to know if anyone has recently implemented a meeting initiative that worked. Also, has anyone established a standard meeting length (30-45 minutes)? If so, how do you enforce the time limit?

Here are some of the other issues they face:

  • No standard agenda
  • No standard meeting recap
  • Meeting length varies
  • All meetings do not have agenda
  • All meetings do not provide meeting recaps
  • If meeting agenda is used, agenda is not sent out in advance
  • People arrive late
  • Some time wasted at meetings talking non meeting related items
  • Agenda is not always followed
  • There’s no process in place to ensure everyone has a voice
  • Some people are invited that do not need to be there
  • Key to do’s are not documented and reviewed at next meeting
  • If key participant is not available, meeting is held anyway
  • No formal process for sending out agenda/meeting recap
  • No standard location to store agenda/meeting recap

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