Retaining Top IT Talent Starts at the Top with Leadership

IT Talent Retention StrategiesAn IT leader’s top priority should be their people.

IT leaders have a lot on their plate, from meetings about meetings to delivering results. Somewhere, often lost in the shuffle, is staff management. This is an unfortunate but all too common occurrence. It’s also one of the primary reasons your best IT talent is jumping ship.

Recruiting and retaining the talent a team needs should be a leader’s most important task. After all, they are in the best position to influence both objectives. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “employees work for their leaders, not the company.” Even if you’re company doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation, that shouldn’t discourage you from putting your best foot forward every time.


  • Know your employees. How often do you connect with your team members? How closely can you relate to them? For instance, what drive and motivates them? Chances are your employees have an endgame in mind, something their working towards. Find out what it is and do everything your power to help them achieve it.


  • A lot of leaders wrongly assume people leave for the money. While this is certainly the case in some scenarios, many times it’s due to a lack of opportunity or development. Give them those opportunities to shine and recognize them when they do. Use failures to teach, not berate. Coach them and be a mentor figure.

Be Transparent

  • Transparency is also critical. How would you feel if you found out your team members were keeping you in the dark or out of loop on a certain issue? Exactly, so let them know what’s going on at all times. If there’s a problem, they might even have the solution.

Be Real

  • The last point I’ll make on this subject is don’t half-ass it. People know when somebody really cares as opposed to pretending to care and you don’t want to end up in that second group. Not only will you have a mass exodus on your hands, you’ll feel like a terrible human being (and you should).

All of this is common sense advice which you’ve probably read a thousand times before but it certainly bears repeating. Never forget, the people are your company’s engine.  The competition for IT talent is fierce and employees change jobs at the drop of a hat these days. Keep your core team intact by sharing and caring.