A Successful Approach to Recruiting and Retaining Top IT Talent

IT employee retention strategies

A Successful Approach to Recruiting and Retaining Top IT Talent is based on a Forum presentation given by Rich Murr from Rackspace. Without the right talent, delivering the results your organization deserves is impossible. Competition for IT talent is fierce. In this report, Mr. Murr focuses on the best ways to approach an “employees’ market.”

Learn about the challenges leaders face and why their personal brand is often more important than the company’s brand. You reputation plays a critical role in attracting and retaining the people you need to achieve outstanding results. Historical data suggests that a good technical employee will stay with an IT services firm from three to five years, so how can you convince them to stay longer?

Find out how to connect with your employees on a deeper level to drive personal and professional growth. Mr. Murr discusses the degrees of “stickiness” keeping employees in place and their motivations may surprise you. Your employees and recruits are people and individuals. There are generational differences and varying incentives you must consider. Understanding these differences takes time, so get started today!

Members can download the full report by logging into TheIMF.com and visiting the Reports page. In this passage, Mr. Murr talks about the role an IT leader’s personal brand plays in recruiting and retention:

Always remember that “employees work for their leader, not the company.” Anybody who’s been in the workforce for any amount of time knows the difference between a good and bad boss. They know what it’s like dreading another eight hours under someone who doesn’t care. At the other end of the spectrum, they also know what it’s like to feel empowered by someone who believes in them and genuinely cares about their well-being.


If your company has a good brand, use it to your advantage. If it doesn’t, make no excuses, and focus on putting your best foot forward. A poor company brand doesn’t prevent you from setting a positive tone for your department and building loyalty. I’ve worked for companies where I didn’t necessarily appreciate the brand or mission, but was working for someone who really cared about what they were doing and their people, and it was motivating.

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