Milliken & Company Confirmed to Present at IT Senior Executive Meeting in October

IT Infrastructure TransformationI’m pleased to announce Chip Ward, Director of Global Information Services for Milliken & Company, will discuss “IT Infrastructure Transformation” at our IT Senior Executive Forum October 7th-8th.

The legacy systems in place at Milliken & Co. were becoming a hindrance to growth. This drove Milliken to embark on a five year journey to upgrade the IT hardware and software infrastructure. As a result, acquisitions are absorbed quicker and at much lower cost, business models can be changed in days rather than weeks, there is “one source of the truth,” information is easier to access and there is greater transparency across the company.

This transformation was accomplished with no customer, market or financial disruption, and was completed on time and under budget. This discussion will include a review of the transformational value drivers, the program approach and structure, senior leadership involvement, and the business and human impacts it has had on the company.

This Forum is being held at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. If you’d like to attend, log into and visit our Events page or