Connect Reminder 6/11: Enterprise Release and Change Management Best Practices

change release management best practices

An IMF member would like to speak with other large corporations that have a formal and defined process around both Change and Release in IT Service Management.

Focus areas include:

Reviewing approval of change as well as release in relation to the lifecycle of a change versus the lifecycle of a release

  • How many times can a change go the CAB?
  • If a change is not prepared properly will you reject it until the next release?
  • What lifecycle or stage do you use for Change approvals?
  • Do you breakout in alignment with SDLC such as permission to build, permission to deploy and permission to close?

Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators

  • What are the one or two key measures you are using for both Change and Release Management to show their effectiveness?
  • What key measures are you using to show the advancement of the process in terms of compliance, performance, quality and value?
  • What T-Minus dates do you use for changes to be fully populated and approved for a release?

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Where does Release Management reside in your organization?
  • What activities does your Release Manager do?

Release and Change Categories

  • What are your release and change categories (i.e. Major, Minor etc.)?
  • Do you categorize you changes in advance of execution for validation purposes?

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