Join Us Next Week to Discuss Innovation Through Knowledge Engineering

The 2016 IMF Innovation Summit will take place Thursday and Friday, June 16-17 at the Loews Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

IMF Innovation Summit Topic Spotlight:

Innovation Through Knowledge Engineering

Prabhu Sadasivam, Architect, Knowledge Engineering at LexisNexis
The global CTO of LexisNexis Vijay Raghavan recently stated, “Reinvention is the cornerstone of technology innovation.” If we are only as good as yesterday’s innovation, how do we come-up with a “better mousetrap” with a robust, sustainable and scalable solution? The real-world problems that exist today demand novel, simple, effective, and coachable out-of-the-box solutions.  In this discussion, Prabhu Sadasivam will address how LexisNexis developed and utilizes a new graph analytics-driven big data solution called “Knowledge Engineering” and the open source HPCC Systems platform to solve for three real-world problems.• First, the opportunities that exist in every organization: accelerating speed-to-market, alleviate redundancy, and improve workplace productivity.
• Second, the opportunities that exist in our client organizations. The fraudulent claim activities at insurance carriers cost roughly $5-7 billion in a year; zombies are no exception.
• Third, opportunities that exist in our very own community; Ebola breakout and understanding the potential distribution.
The full agenda for the IMF Innovation Summit is available online. Download your copy today by logging in to our website and clicking “IMF Innovation Summit ” on our events page, then “View Agenda.”