About IMF

This blog is a regular update on the news and happenings around the IMF network.  We launched this content area in order to give our member companies a regular update on the information exchanged among their peers, and to show non-members within the IT community the types of conversations, benchmarks, and other opportunities that the IMF offers.

IMF is a membership-based, peer-driven, knowledge sharing organization for IT practitioners of all types. The members share ideas, insights and solutions in an open and candid environment.

IMF began in New York City in 1975 when five IT executives got together over breakfast to share experiences and insights. They looked to each other to provide a reality check to what they were hearing from vendors and consultants, and to help each other make informed decisions regarding the practical challenges they faced as executives in the rapidly changing field of IT.
While the group has grown and evolved over the past 30 years, our core mission has remained the same: to provide a sanctuary for CIOs and their organizations to learn from each other by sharing first-hand, real-world experiences.

You can learn more about the IMF by visiting www.theIMF.com.

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