Poking Tweeps on the Blogosphere: An elemental look at social technologies

       Lori Furman, an Innovation Consultant with Information Technology Company and Chevron discussed enterprise adoption of social technologies at an IMF Innovation Web Forum that was held this past April. In this presentation, Furman explained social computing and presented opportunities to drive business value.  In her presentation Furman notes, “[social computing] represents the next generation of the web, from a paradigm where users would consume the content website owners published. Now, you are not only consuming […]

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Virtual Meeting #1 – Recap

IMF’s initial foray into meeting within a virtual world was a great success!  The new format provided members (and the IMF team) an opportunity to experience a meeting “in world,” and get an initial feel for how it may or may not be a good fit for their businesses.  Nearly 20 members joined the meeting, during which we discussed the state of the virtual world industry, the general use of and navigation in Second Life, […]

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Social Media Policies

A small group of IMF members met today to discuss their companies’ approaches to Social Media.  Throughout the corporate world, the initial reaction to social media was to block access, fearing security vulnerabilities, legal issues, and productivity losses.  Recently, companies have been shifting their stances on these issues. Impetus for Change: As Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social media outlets have become increasingly prevalent, marketing departments and other revenue generating business units have demanded access […]

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