Hacking away at IT security

In an article for SCmagazine, Darryl Gordon from Breach Security provides his own insight as to how hacking has evolved in the IT security field. Gordon says, “SQL injection remains the number one attack vector, accounting for nearly one-fifth of all data breaches according to [a Breach Security] 2009 Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID) report for the first half of 2009.” These hacks attack the data of back-end databases, altering them with scripts that enable […]

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IT Security- Funding & Metrics

              An article by Greg Masters for SCMagazine addressed funding for IT security budgets in a down economy. In the article, Masters referenced a study conducted this past March by MetroSITE and Pacific Crest Securities. This survey polled 50 executives, two-thirds of which were at chief executive officer or vice president level, from various organizations.  The findings presented by Dov Yoran, partner at MetroSITE Group, a business advisory firm, showed that “IT security budgets [were] […]

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Social Media Policies

A small group of IMF members met today to discuss their companies’ approaches to Social Media.  Throughout the corporate world, the initial reaction to social media was to block access, fearing security vulnerabilities, legal issues, and productivity losses.  Recently, companies have been shifting their stances on these issues. Impetus for Change: As Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social media outlets have become increasingly prevalent, marketing departments and other revenue generating business units have demanded access […]

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