New Connect Opportunity: Identity Access Management Best Practices

An IMF member would like to discuss the following: IAM best practices for large enterprises How to map roles to users and equate that to real world examples of an effective implementation in a mixed computing environment Standardizing onboarding and off-boarding and controlling change to identities throughout their lifecycle Metrics that can be created around IAM to demonstrate success or improvement opportunities Products being used by companies that are successful with IAM This Connect call […]

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DC Countdown: Privacy & Protection – Capturing the Benefits of a Secure Web Gateway

IT Security Forum attendees will have the opportunity to hear Dianne LaVanway present on “Privacy & Protection: Capturing the Benefits of a Secure Web Gateway.” Ms. LaVanway is Program Manager for the Office of the Sergeant of Arms in the U.S. Senate. ┬áThe United States Senate deployed a secure web gateway to shield internal IP addresses from the Internet for increased privacy while browsing, and to provide real-time protection from web-originated malware.   Phase 1 […]

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5 Tips for Dealing with Cyber-Security Service Providers and Contracts

Around this time last year, John Holmblad from the SAA branch of the U.S. Senate presented at an IMF Forum on how the Senate handles its Cyber-Security Services contract. Since the IT Security Forum is only a month away in Washington D.C., I figure this is as good a time as any to share some of his knowledge and insight. For background purposes, the Senate had used a certain cyber-security provider under a five-year contract […]

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