How to manage stress in the IT organization

Scenario: An IT team assigned to a major project is under an amazing amount of stress. They have tenure with the company and feel a huge responsibility in seeing the project through. Recently, one of the members assigned to the team has come to human resources with major stress related issues. He/She has been to the doctor and all signs point to the stress of the project. There are many others on the team who […]

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Moving Careers Forward While Outsourcing

“Cost savings, an increased focus on core business, cost restructuring and quality improvement are all reasons more companies today are choosing outsourcing or making significant changes to the IT organization. “ In an October IT Workforce forum at the U.S. Pharmacopeia facilities, Linda Hooker provided insight into how the SunTrust team has smoothed transition as employees face changes due to outsourcing while maintaining a focus on career growth. Many companies are choosing outsourcing or are making […]

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Will Work For…

An article for CIO by Mary Brandel from Computerworld on Monday addressed the effects of lower pay on IT professional’s job performance. According to data collected from a Computerworld 2009 Salary Survey, “of the 5,861 individuals surveyed, salaries were flat, bonuses were way down, and benefits were reduced or eliminated.” The survey also indicated an increase in canceled projects, training cuts, budget cuts, and salary and hiring freezes. Much of this is attributed to the […]

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