Success in Distributed Team Environments

When virtual teams are formed, team members may not meet in person during an entire project life cycle, but are required to work closely to produce deliverables and unique challenges arise for both managers and team members.  In an IMF web forum in March, Charly Paelinck, Vice President of Development at Harrah’s Entertainment, discussed strategies that enabled teams to be successful in a distributed environment.   In the overview of Harrah’s situation Paelinck explains that […]

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All onboard! Onboarding at organizations

Onboarding is a technique that many organizations utilize in order to help their new hires adjust to his/her position quickly and efficiently. John Edwards, from HR World, said, “many businesses fail to exploit the [onboarding] process to its full potential…a little time and energy spent helping a worker at the beginning of his or her employment can pay big benefits in terms of job performance and loyalty for years to come.” Edwards provided tips in […]

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Finding a needle in the IT workforce haystack

The challenge associated with finding the best candidates to work for your organization may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Qualified candidates are out there, but how do you find them, and how do they find you? In his post “How Recruiting Can Meet the Challenges of a New Economy” on, an online recruiter networking community, Kevin Wheeler discusses steps that internal recruiters can take in order to think more broadly about […]

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