IT Workforce Trends

Ted was recently speaking with a member that is in charge of development for a large organization.  Six months ago, the company was struggling through budget cuts, and trying to determine what they could live without.  Of course, personnel cuts were not off the table.  Today, however, this VP says that the organization is incredibly busy.  It seems to him that they have chosen to take a time of relative calm to push as many […]

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The Real Impacts of Cutting Personnel

IMF members met on April 22nd to discuss the issues surrounding personnel reductions in response to a sagging economy.  With revenues down, pressure is up to cut costs by any means necessary.  However, some companies and economists argue that cutting personnel to meet today’s needs are not the best course of action.  These individuals, as explained in a recent CNBC article, argue that retaining staff will position companies to increase production to pre-resession levels with […]

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Managing Stress in the IT Organization

Recessions equate to job losses, which in turn lead to increased pressure on the remaining organization.  IT groups, which often already operate in a stressful, always-on environment, can become particularly anxiety-rich.  If not properly managed, this can be dangerous first to the employees and their health, and subsequently to the success of the company.  Perhaps the following scenario is familiar: The IT team assigned to a major project is under an amazing amount of stress. […]

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