Social Enterprise Adoption Hinges on Knowledge, Education, and Training

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Social media and enterprise collaboration tools are finding their way into the workplace at an increasingly rapid rate. These tools have many advocates and a plethora of perceived benefits. Once implemented, many organizations struggle getting their employees to adopt the new methods. A lot of companies may hold some kind of big initial kickoff or make a few announcements to peak employee interest and gain participation but that is simply not enough. Just having a […]

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Improve Company Collaboration Through Social Network Platforms

Social media can play a huge role for a company trying to market its products or services. However, in order to totally harness the power of social networking, companies need to look internally too. Collaboration and innovation are two key success drivers that can be improved upon with the right focus. Platforms like Yammer, Sharepoint, or Wiki can help keep employees connected and engaged. They are excellent for brainstorming and problem solving. Silos can be […]

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Focus Your Social Media Efforts For Better Results

A couple of weeks ago we talked about “Tops-Down Corporate Social Media” and how an organization’s senior executives should be leading the social media charge for their business. Today, we’re going to take a slightly different approach on corporate social media, one built around choosing a strategy. In this age of social media and social networking it seems like new platforms pop up almost on a daily basis. We all know the big names out […]

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