Tops-Down Corporate Social Media

Social media has emerged as a dominant force in people’s lives over the past several years. Individuals are using the platform to connect with others and share information on a daily basis. Whether you’re a Facebook Friend or Twitter Follower, you are part of this revolution. However, as quickly as social media has grown on the personal side, it is still relatively new in the corporate sector. Many organizations have begun focusing attention on the […]

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Online Activism Takes A Giant Step Forward

By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you know about the highly controversial SOPA/PIPA Acts being pushed in Congress. Many are upset over these proposals and their potential negative impact on the internet. However, in an unprecedented showing of “online activism” Wednesday, it looks like their cries of foul have not fallen on deaf ears. Aside from Wikipedia’s much publicized “Blackout,” other technology giants like Google, Mozilla, and […]

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Enterprise Social Media Not Measured in Dollars & Cents

While social media exploded into the consumer space several years ago, it is relatively new to the business world. Enterprises have been reluctant to come around on the notion but their resistance is waning. One of the problems is a difficulty in measuring the impact social media has on the enterprise in its various capacities. It is tough to come up with dollars and cents when your metrics are Facebook “Likes” and Twitter followers. However, […]

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