Expense Reduction Activities that Work AND are Beneficial

With a meeting focused on expense reduction, we’ve heard a lot of talk about the tough decisions that have to be made.  Being forced to reduce personnel is always a last resort, but is sometimes necessary.  Putting off key investments for business growth is a strange paradox, but sometimes unavoidable. Fortunately, companies participating at the Senior Executive Forum have also found ways to reduce expenses with game changing technologies that improve company productivity and help […]

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The Role of the CIO in Driving Corporate Strategy

The first presentation is in the books at the IT Executive Roundtable, and we’re one-for-one on going over the allotted time – the discussion and content were excellent.  Throughout the presentation given by Bill Miller, CIO of Harris Corporation, the group discussed many questions that any organization should consider: Should IT drive Corporate Initiatives or simply “go along for the ride?” What type and degree of executive sponsorship is essential for success? What proven techniques […]

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Senior Executive Forum – Key Issues

The Senior Executive Forum here at Harris Corporation has kicked off with a great session of introductions and key issues sharing.  Understandably, initiatives in the participating companies are mainly driven by the conditions of the economy. Although the expectation would be to hear story after story about the horrors of recession and the difficult decisions being made as a result, many companies are seeing opportunities right now for major improvements.  These initiatives are currently a […]

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