Managing Stress in the IT Organization

Recessions equate to job losses, which in turn lead to increased pressure on the remaining organization.  IT groups, which often already operate in a stressful, always-on environment, can become particularly anxiety-rich.  If not properly managed, this can be dangerous first to the employees and their health, and subsequently to the success of the company.  Perhaps the following scenario is familiar: The IT team assigned to a major project is under an amazing amount of stress. […]

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Recessionary Impacts on Vendor Relations: Proceed with Caution When New Billing Models are Proposed

A member recently came to me with an interesting situation – their mainframe software vendor was pitching a new licensing model based on users or tasks instead of the traditional MIPS model.  They were wondering how other companies had been impacted by this approach (if at all), and how their company should approach negotiations with the vendor for upcoming license renewals.  Many companies are in precisely the same situation regarding their mainframe licenses.  This situation […]

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Welcome to the Blog @!

Thanks for visiting The IMF’s new blog.  We know that it isn’t always easy to travel to a meeting, take on a benchmark study, or even get away for a web forum.  Although we’ll always encourage you to participate in all that the IMF has to offer, we wanted to provide a more passive way for members to get access to IMF content.  We encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed, add this blog […]

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