This Week’s IMF Events

There are some great opportunities for members to connect, learn, and share this week. You can learn more by logging into and visiting the Events page. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on the docket over the next few days: Wednesday May 29th (2:00 PM EST) Connect: Identity and Access Management Best Practices Thursday May 30th (2:00 PM EST) Connect: Experiences with IBM Case Manager Thursday May 30th (2:00 PM EST) Web Forum: The […]

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Necessary for CIOs Moving Forward

CIOs play important parts in every organization but how much pull do they have when it comes to influencing executive decision making? In other words, is the CIO in more of a support role as opposed to company leader? Unfortunately many companies see the IT department as a means to an end and not necessarily a game changer. With this mindset, to steal a football term, the CIO is simply a game manager of which […]

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Tops-Down Corporate Social Media

Social media has emerged as a dominant force in people’s lives over the past several years. Individuals are using the platform to connect with others and share information on a daily basis. Whether you’re a Facebook Friend or Twitter Follower, you are part of this revolution. However, as quickly as social media has grown on the personal side, it is still relatively new in the corporate sector. Many organizations have begun focusing attention on the […]

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