Overcome Roadblocks and Realize the Benefits of Telepresence

Every organization struggles while juggling costs, compatibility, and vendor selection at some point in their videoconferencing journey. Loews Corporation is no different. However, they have managed to see their videoconferencing initiative all the way through to success. In this Web Forum, Loews CIO Bob Fields will speak about how they successfully implemented telepresence on a global scale across their diverse portfolio. Loews’ slow and cautious approach resulted in a cost-effective, working solution on which they […]

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IT Execs Tell Us What’s on Their Mind in 2013

We recently sent out a survey to senior IT executives in our member base trying to gauge their plans and initiatives for 2013. They gave us some great responses, including perennial favorites like cloud migration, BYOD, MDM, Big Data, etc. Here’s what else they’re interested in pursuing and learning more about this year: Cultural & Organizational Change Management RFID Tablet/Touch Enabled Applications & Solutions Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics Information Security Infrastructure Demand Management Benefits […]

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Necessary for CIOs Moving Forward

CIOs play important parts in every organization but how much pull do they have when it comes to influencing executive decision making? In other words, is the CIO in more of a support role as opposed to company leader? Unfortunately many companies see the IT department as a means to an end and not necessarily a game changer. With this mindset, to steal a football term, the CIO is simply a game manager of which […]

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