IMF Spring Roundtable Topic Spotlight: Internal Private Cloud Operations

Topic Spotlight: Internal Private Cloud Operations Brian Smith, Director, OneCloud Operations at VMware With over 80,000 VM’s deployed globally, VMware’s private cloud journey has been very successful. It has also had to overcome many challenges. Drinking your own champagne isn’t always easy or glamorous, but is one of the most important things a software company can do to improve its product quality. As you know, the Cloud continues to evolve at a faster pace than ever and this […]

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Benefits of Cloud Services for IT and Businesses

IMF Report: Cloud Services for IT and Businesses

Benefits of Cloud Services for IT and Business is based on an IMF Senior Executive Forum presentation by Geoffrey Knoerzer, Vice President and CIO at Afni. In this report, Geoffrey leads a discussion on his organization’s work in cloud services, explores if cloud technology is beneficial for IT, and examines the risks and benefits of cloud services from a business perspective. Geoffrey shares the steps his organization has taken to enter the cloud services space, […]

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