IMF Connect: Driving Down Email Costs


How do you drive down email costs for your organization? An IMF member seeks to discuss new and innovative ways to lower the traditional cost structure of email messaging. They are looking to learn about both internal solutions as well as enhanced capabilities through cloud based email offerings. Register now for this upcoming IMF Connect on Monday, Oct. 5 at 4 pm ET. Connects are member-requested, small group discussion calls focused on your IT topic. These […]

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Maximizing the Value of your PMO

Kimberly Salter, IMF Member Service Manager provided a summary of the Thursday web forum “Maximizing the Value of your PMO” In an effort to reduce costs of its PMO, ACS, a Xerox Company, has gone through a number of changes in its PMO structure and has finally settled on a successful Portfolio Management Model, outlined today in Jeff Richards Maximizing the Value of Your PMO presentation.   Jeff Richards, Vice President of Portfolio Management Office […]

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