Send in the (Cyber) Troops

The cyber battlefront is heating up… While there’s been no official declaration of war, the Cyberwar is well underway. So much so that NATO even recently released a manual establishing the “rules” of cyber warfare. There are fingers being pointed in every direction. The U.S. blames, China. China blames the U.S. North Korea just allegedly attacked South Korea. Everybody is involved even if there’s a dispute around who started it. I’m glad the U.S. is […]

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Facing a Cyber Pearl Harbor

In October US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned that the US is facing the possibility of a “cyber Pearl Harbor”. He said that an aggressor nation or extremist group could cause a national catastrophe. The Pentagon is moving forward with a massive expansion of more than 4,000 cyber security personnel over the current 900 for both defensive and offensive purposes according to today’s New York Times. As IT Professionals we have been talking about this […]

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Big Data Boosts Security Efforts


A lot of organizations are enthralled with Big Data right now and the infinite possibilities it supposedly presents. However, attached to those opportunities are the information security risks associated with storing and protecting such large amounts of data. Pushing more data into the cloud, IT consumerization, and privacy are just some of the issues challenging IT organizations. For all of its issues though, there are many instances where Big Data is being used to strengthen […]

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