Takeaways from the Senior Executive Forum

The Senior Executive Forum was a great success.  Special thanks go to those that participated for the excellent discussion, feedback, and ideas for the future.  Extra special thanks go to our hosts at Harris Corporation – the facilities were top notch, the area was a great setting, and the company is both interesting and running strong. We wrapped up the meeting with a simple question, “What is the single-most important idea or concept that you […]

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Expense Reduction Activities that Work AND are Beneficial

With a meeting focused on expense reduction, we’ve heard a lot of talk about the tough decisions that have to be made.  Being forced to reduce personnel is always a last resort, but is sometimes necessary.  Putting off key investments for business growth is a strange paradox, but sometimes unavoidable. Fortunately, companies participating at the Senior Executive Forum have also found ways to reduce expenses with game changing technologies that improve company productivity and help […]

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The Role of the CIO in Driving Corporate Strategy

The first presentation is in the books at the IT Executive Roundtable, and we’re one-for-one on going over the allotted time – the discussion and content were excellent.  Throughout the presentation given by Bill Miller, CIO of Harris Corporation, the group discussed many questions that any organization should consider: Should IT drive Corporate Initiatives or simply “go along for the ride?” What type and degree of executive sponsorship is essential for success? What proven techniques […]

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