Revolutionize Your Business by Investing in Knowledge Management

Companies have a wealth of knowledge and content within but sometimes they do such a poor job of managing the information that it fails to serve a purpose. After all, what’s the point in having an organization that’s not organized? Nobody wants to spend hours looking for documents or conducting research that’s already been performed. A Knowledge Management Initiative can make your company stronger in a number of areas. Take this graphic for example:  (Courtesy […]

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Connect Call January 16th on Enterprise Infrastructure Consolidation

An IMF member is planning to consolidate their enterprise infrastructure. They would like to speak with other members who have gone through a similar process and discuss any challenges encountered and lessons learned. For instance, what did the process and program look like? IMF members who have experience in this area, or any knowledge they would like to share, should register* to participate on the Connect call.   *This call is scheduled for Wednesday January […]

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Connect Call January 15th: SAP Contracts and Maintenance

One IMF member company needs insight pertaining to terminating maintenance on an Appendix item on your SAP Agreement. Specifically, they would like to know if anyone has terminated maintenance on something like RWD, SRM, BOBJ, Load Runner or any other Appendix product. If so, what process did you go through with SAP and what was SAP’s response to the request? Additionally, they are interested in finding out if companies are using someone other than SAP […]

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