Cloud Computing: Google vs. Microsoft- An IMF Member Insight

In an IMF member initated Connect, a large non-profit company who converted all their chapters into branches was looking into creating a common domain for the entire company. Inquiries and major concerns centered around a discussion of comparison between Google cloud computing versus Microsoft and addressed the areas of: the ease of use, storage, price, accessibility, and safety of information. The following is a summary of insights expressed in each domain. Ease of use: · Google […]

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Calling all experts

Various IMF members have submitted connects in an effort to reach knowledgable peers in the IT field. The following is a list of active connects in progress. Visit the IMF website to register and learn about these connects or click here to send us an e-mail. Best Practices in Choosing and Developing IT Projects What types of best practices has your company implemented with regards to increasing project success and completion? Transitioning to Agile How did your […]

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Agile Connect Call Summary

In an IMF Connect on Friday, IMF members gathered to discuss the agile development methodology. Initially the call centered on understanding the reasons why organizations began utilizing agile development and how implementation of the method was launched in their respective organizations.  One organization in attendance indicated that agile was utilized for specific purposes- one of which included change requests (anything less than 80 hours of work). Agile was also used to handle requests from the […]

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