IMF Connect: Database Query and Modification Strategy

IMF Connect

Update: Please note the date for this Connect has changed. It is now Wednesday, May 27 at 2 p.m. Eastern time. The title has also been updated. An IMF member would like to speak with other members about how to address the need of their business users to perform potentially destructive analysis of their data and get suggestions on how to communicate the benefits of these alternative solutions and the fact that the “old” way […]

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Milliken & Company Confirmed to Present at IT Senior Executive Meeting in October

I’m pleased to announce Chip Ward, Director of Global Information Services for Milliken & Company, will discuss “IT Infrastructure Transformation” at our IT Senior Executive Forum October 7th-8th. The legacy systems in place at Milliken & Co. were becoming a hindrance to growth. This drove Milliken to embark on a five year journey to upgrade the IT hardware and software infrastructure. As a result, acquisitions are absorbed quicker and at much lower cost, business models […]

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Successful Consolidation Means Planning Ahead & Setting Realistic Expectations

Enterprise infrastructure consolidation can be a tricky subject. On the one hand, if done right, you’ll see tremendous cost benefits and become much more efficient. However, if executed poorly, this move could in fact cripple the organization. So why do companies choose to consolidate and move to a more virtual IT infrastructure? In most cases they want to: Reduce cost and complexity  Improve compliance  Improve data and network security  Improve resource utilization    Bob Violino […]

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