New Web Forum 9/12: Bridging Generational Gaps in the Workplace

Today’s workplace environment is as unique and diverse as ever. In some cases, enterprises are made up of employees from four vastly different generations: Traditionalists (Pre-19450); Baby Boomers (1946-1964); Generation X (1965-1980); and Millennials (1980-2000). Handling this “clash of cultures” is a real challenge for managers and leadership. John Kennedy, Director of IT Finance for Cisco Systems, will present on how to bridge those generational gaps in your workplace. Focus areas include: Changing workplace demographics […]

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From Stronger Facilitation to White Board Agendas: Tips for Running More Effective Meetings

We recently had a Connect discussion on how to run effective meetings. Prior to that call, I posted the topic and issues in a couple of my LinkedIn groups and got some great responses. It seems meeting efficiency is a sore spot in many companies but there are some tips and techniques to improve your meeting’s effectiveness. While there were a variety of views on the matter, a common theme emerged from the 30+ responses: […]

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Take a Page from Marketing’s Playbook, Bring in an IT Marketing Manager

With our Web Forum on marketing IT services within the enterprise coming up next Thursday, I thought I’d take some time to talk about the issue at hand. As much as organizations like to believe they’re a collaborative bunch, many still operate in silo-mode. As anyone can attest to who works in this kind of environment, it often results in communication problems and business unit isolation. When isolated as such, a business unit tends to […]

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