IMF Report: Outsourcing IT at PwC


Outsourcing IT at PwC is a report based on an IMF Senior Executive Forum presentation by Craig Brice, Director of US/UK IT Enablement at PwC. Brice discusses the path to outsourcing and offshoring for PwC IT US, staffing challenges and opportunities, outcomes and results and future outlook for PwC US IT. Over a period of years, PwC began the process by outsourcing ad hoc and moved to full outsourcing – multi-sourced with three vendors – […]

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Time to Consider Re-Shoring?

Rural sourcing or on-shoring is quickly picking up steam as a cost-effective alternative to offshore outsourcing. Many IMF members are reporting that their overall cost for offshoring is exceeding original cost projections. A common complaint is that the blended rate, including domestic resources to support the offshore team, added to offshore labor cost produces a total cost of about $50 per hour. Rural sourcing vendors are quoting rates around this $50 hourly mark. The on-shore […]

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Effective Leadership For IT Offshore Teams

“Be a Leader in IT Offshoring & Distributed Teams” is a report based on a Web Forum presentation given by Hans Eckman, former Principal (Senior Consultant) for xpanxion (consulting and dedicated offshore IT firm). It focuses on best practices when working with offshore and distributed IT services. Challenges can be magnified with distance. Many companies consider their offshore initiatives as under delivering on expected ROI or in some cases complete failures. Read this report to […]

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