IMF Report: Outsourcing IT at PwC


Outsourcing IT at PwC is a report based on an IMF Senior Executive Forum presentation by Craig Brice, Director of US/UK IT Enablement at PwC. Brice discusses the path to outsourcing and offshoring for PwC IT US, staffing challenges and opportunities, outcomes and results and future outlook for PwC US IT. Over a period of years, PwC began the process by outsourcing ad hoc and moved to full outsourcing – multi-sourced with three vendors – […]

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IMF Connect: Contract Resource Management and Tracking

IMF Connect

An IMF member is interested in improving controls on managing resources assigned to contractors, specifically: How best to manage company provided capabilities such as network access, email or PCs How to manage and enforce policies Ensuring that managers of contractors are following procedures and tracking properly Register online now. Final date and time are to be determined. Stay tuned to your email and the IMF website for more information. IMF¬†Connects are member-requested, small group discussion […]

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The Real Goal of Outsourcing

When asked why a company outsources their services, the most popular answer is cost. Simply put, it is cheaper. While that may be the case for a lot of companies that should not be your primary outsourcing focus. While cost is certainly a priority, your business should be looking for capability augmentation. You want a supplier who’s going to give you superior capabilities of a variable capacity. Sumeet Sanghani, Sr. Vice President of Outsourcing at […]

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