Enterprise Computing in the Public Cloud

Enterprise Computing in the Public Cloud is based on a Web Forum presentation given by Marty Smith, CIO of Implantable Provider Group (IFG). IPG collaborates with Health Plans in partnership with Providers, Physicians, Manufacturers and Patients to develop market-based solutions that deliver tangible value in the implantable Device Benefit Management (DBM) space.  Assisting payers and providers with managing the cost of implanting a medical device into the human body, IPG has demonstrated saving healthplans over […]

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Considering Security in Cloud Computing

The underlying technologies for cloud computing have been a part of IT for some time.  Companies have been focusing on virtualization of many different platforms, creating a number of systems and applications that operate in a “cloud” or “cloud-like” environment.  The major concern today is how to successfully build out, deploy, and leverage cloud services while maintaining the levels of security that have been put in place in a traditional IT delivery model. In terms […]

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Build a Private Cloud for Virtual Desktops

“Virtual Desktop Deployment: Lessons Learned & Mistakes to Avoid” is a report based on a Web Forum presentation given by Doug Burton and Greg LaVigne from Allstate. They are two years into an enterprise-wide virtual desktop initiative, targeting over 30,000 employees. One year after going live with the technology solution, 100+ applications and 2,000+ users have been converted.  This report looks at their approach to this initiative, with a focus on the people, processes, and […]

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