IMF Report: Outsourcing IT at PwC


Outsourcing IT at PwC is a report based on an IMF Senior Executive Forum presentation by Craig Brice, Director of US/UK IT Enablement at PwC. Brice discusses the path to outsourcing and offshoring for PwC IT US, staffing challenges and opportunities, outcomes and results and future outlook for PwC US IT. Over a period of years, PwC began the process by outsourcing ad hoc and moved to full outsourcing – multi-sourced with three vendors – […]

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PwC innovation to develop high-quality staff

Develop high quality staff workforce

Learn how PwC develops high-quality staff at the upcoming IMF Fall Senior Executive Forum, Oct. 12-13 in Coral Gables, Florida. With more than 100,000 associates that are the brand, PwC invests heavily in staff development. Craig Brice will take attendees through innovation in developing high-quality staff. Events like the Senior Executive Forum are an included benefit for members of The Information Management Forum. If your company is not a member, contact us today to learn […]

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Innovating to Empower the Mobile Workforce

Innovating to Empower the Mobile Workforce is based on a Web Forum presentation given by Dane Ingram from PwC. The report details results from PwC’s iPad Experience program as the company searches for different ways to connect their mobile workforce. This program provided a rich opportunity to look at some of the newer, more innovative technologies available as well as address the BYOD phenomenon. A new approach meant reevaluating PwC’s core infrastructure. They needed a […]

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