Focus Your Social Media Efforts For Better Results

A couple of weeks ago we talked about “Tops-Down Corporate Social Media” and how an organization’s senior executives should be leading the social media charge for their business. Today, we’re going to take a slightly different approach on corporate social media, one built around choosing a strategy. In this age of social media and social networking it seems like new platforms pop up almost on a daily basis. We all know the big names out […]

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Social Media Taking Heat For UK Riots

In case you’ve been under a rock the past couple of weeks, mass riots are taking place across the pond in the UK. Why they’re rioting isn’t really important for this post so I won’t go into it. I think it has something to do with classism or something to that effect. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron however is taking dead aim at social media, placing a lot of the blame for these riots onto […]

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Listening Thorugh Social CRM Tools

I spent several years in sales and I remember being introduced to SalesForce CRM for the first time. At the time I thought I was pretty well organized with my spreadsheets, notebook, and sticky notes. Naturally when companies introduce a product like SalesForce it can be met with some resistance by employees because we want to do it the way we’ve always done it. In a lot of cases though, and SalesForce was no different […]

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