How Much of You Is “Out There”

You know the saying, “once it’s out on the internet, everybody can see it.”People know this but a lot of times don’t seem to heed the warning. They tend to forget a simple Google search can returns all kind of information on a person- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t believe me? A couple of PC World editors performed the 30 Minute Google Challenge on a couple of their coworkers. The results speak […]

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Follow The Forum This Week LIVE

Our IT Forum on emerging trends in the IT organization gets underway tomorrow morning at Georgia Tech. We have a great list of attendees but if you cannot be there don’t worry. We will be live blogging from the event, relaying some of the information that comes from each discussion as well as some other things. Keep checking back here for your live Forum updates. Tomorrow’s lineup includes: 9:00 AM ¬†Intorductions & Company Updates 10:00¬†¬†Securing […]

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Social Media Making a Difference for American Red Cross

Social media has become so woven into the fabric of society that it was only a matter of time before it entered the business realm. Now as more and more organizations try to stay ahead of the curve, they are integrating certain social media devices into their workplace. The American Red Cross, although a non-profit organization, is no different. Disasters like the earthquake in Haiti have taught them firsthand the power of social media and […]

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