Securing Your Information in 2011, Part 1

As 2010 draws to a close, a new year is dawning. However, a new year brings with it new challenges in information technology, especially with regards to security. Carl Herberger, Vice President of Information and Security Compliance Services at Evolve IP, recently presented a Web Forum for IMF members in which he discussed several key information security activities for 2011. In this 3 part series, we will take a look at these activities in a […]

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Branding Yourself Virtually

Everybody is trying to get ahead and in today’s economy that task is more difficult than ever before. The lack of jobs or, for those who have jobs, the lack of mobility within a company means you have to go the extra mile. We know companies have brand names, logos, marketing materials, and such but what about you as an individual? How do you stand out in the crowd? If you believe you’re irrelevant now […]

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Second Life- Using Social interaction to drive business initiatives

With the constant evolution of social media applications, organizations are finding new ways to utilize the escalated growth of social interaction to drive business initiatives. During the summer months, IMF delved into the realm of social media and explored the world of virtual reality by hosting a series of virtual meetings in Second Life- a virtual world created by Linden Labs that allows users to interact through avatars in a 3-D environment. Mitch Wagner wrote […]

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