IT Vendor Management Practices

Vendor management can be a difficult task when you encounter such issues as increased workloads, tool mitigation, and the need for productivity tools. However, there are some best practices companies can use to help manage their IT vendors. Mike Bender, IT Director at Cisco, hosted an IMF Web Forum on the topic and he was kind enough to share some of Cisco’s best practices. Here are a few of the highlights: Link to the architecture […]

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What Are CIOs Trying To Hide?

Every CIO can immediately think back to an instance when they had technology projects that failed due to vendor complications. Despite these difficulties, Thomas Wailgum brings up an interesting point and very debatable topic in his article “Are CIOs Too Cozy with their Technology Vendors?”Why do CIOs refuse to voice their displeasure when given the opportunity? Wailgum surmises with the constant frustration and lack of appreciation they receive from their vendors they should feel compelled […]

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Billing model changes from mainframe enterprise license vendors

An IMF member indicated that their mainframe software vendor was pitching a new licensing model based on users or tasks instead of the traditional MIPS model and wanted to know if other organizations had been impacted by this same type of approach. Their organization also wanted to know how they should approach negotiations with the vendor for upcoming license renewals. This situation illustrates the potential for a number of changes throughout the IT landscape that […]

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